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Credentials - Mr Michael Williams, SC


With an extensive career in law spanning more than 40 years, Michael has achieved a great number of milestones. Below is a brief history of his career to date:

1965:    Admitted as Barrister and Solicitor of (then) Supreme Court of New Zealand.

1967:    Commenced practice at emergent separate Bar and New Zealand’s first structured Chambers with D.S. Beattie Q.C. (later Beattie J. and later Sir David Beattie, Governor General of New Zealand), M.F. Chilwell Q.C. (later Sir Muir Chilwell J.) and G.V. Hubble Esq. (now Hubble D.C.J.). 

1967 to 1979:    Practice in criminal law, commercial litigation, compensation, clinical misadventure law and defamation.  Major cases in Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Privy Council.

1977 to 1979:    Engaged as Senior Counsel representing a major interest professional body in the Royal Commission of Enquiry into Chiropractic over 18 months.  This lengthy involvement required study and research into chiropractic and osteopathy as well as manipulative techniques and practice of manipulative physiotherapists, general medical practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons in New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK and Scandinavia.  The brief involved a research trip to California and New South Wales.

9th November, 1979:    Admitted to the Bar of New South Wales, membership Edmund Barton Chambers, Level 43 (later to become William Deane Chambers).

1979 to date:    Practice predominantly in plaintiffs’ clinical misadventure with defendants’ and plaintiffs’ compensation practice, mediation, medical disciplinary matters, occasional criminal and commercial litigation.

1st October, 2002:    Appointed Senior Counsel in and for the State of New South Wales.

2003:    Head of Chambers, William Deane Chambers, Sydney, Australia (formerly Edmund Barton Chambers, Level 43, MLC).  Foundation Board Member of these Chambers since 1981.

Circa 2003:    Associate Membership Bankside Chambers, Auckland, New Zealand.

2005:    Completed Mediator qualification course with LEADR, Sydney.

2006:    Appointed N.S.W. Supreme Court Panel of Mediators for Supreme Court litigation suits.

2007 – 2008:    Re-appointment as Mediator Supreme Court N.S.W.

14 February 2008:    Admitted Associate Member at One Crown Office Row, Temple, London EC4Y 7HH (Chambers of Philip Havers QC).

14 November 2008:    Appointment as Mediator to the District Court 2009-2010.

19 November 2010:    Re-appointment as Mediator to the District Court 2011-2012.

25 November 2011:    Re-appointment as Mediator Supreme Court N.S.W 2012-2013



Mediation Articles


"A Mediator should never provide an opinion or advice concerning the merits of a case" verses "a Mediator should always offer an evaluative opinion on the dispute"


It is crucial to the success of any mediation that compliance be enforced with the requirement of attendance of the parties in person and an officer from corporate parties with full authority to settle.

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